Road Trip To Deconstruction

Are you frustrated that your church (and the Bible) are stuck in a place that no longer makes sense?

What if you could find a way to honor Jesus, yet remain intellectually honest with regards to science, philosophy, and the Bible?

In this course, we guide you through your process of deconstruction, walking with you at each point along your journey toward an honest faith.

Road Trip Modules

This life-changing course helps you grasp and deal with the core reasons that we choose to deconstruct our faith. We provide you a path forward and hold your hand as you work through your issues, fears, and concerns.

1. Transformation Mindset

We initially focus on having the right MINDSET in order to get the most out of this course.


2. Actionable Frustrations

We examine the common FRUSTRATIONS that often trigger our initial journey into faith deconstruction.


3. Deconstruction Factors

We look at several KEY FACTORS to understand in order to properly approach the topic of faith deconstruction.


4. Is Clarity Possible?

We take a deep-dive into the complex topic of CLARITY and why it shouldn't even be the goal.


5. The Growth Brain

We examine how our BRAIN supports our growth process yet can also prevent us from maturing.


6. Power to Decide

You already have all the permission you need to make the crucial decisions that lie ahead of you. 


Is this course for you?

✔ Do you feel like Christianity doesn’t make sense any more?

✔ Are you disillusioned with evangelicals and politicians - and their efforts to take away your rights?

✔ Are you afraid to tell people that you have doubts?

✔ Do you resent the authoritarian approach of churches?

✔ Are you trying your best to remain authentic and honest and truly searching?

✔ Are you confused by Bible errors you've discovered?

✔ Are you genuinely sad about losing your faith?

✔ Have you started listening to YouTubes and podcasts on deconstruction but need more support?

✔ Do you want to deconstruct your faith, yet are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there, not knowing who to trust?

✔ Would you like someone to guide you and hold your hand through your deconstruction journey?

Results you can expect

Our ambition is that this course will transform your life such that you can walk away saying... 


I am at peace and free, despite my doubts. I will survive this; in fact, I will thrive. I have the power to make good choices. I am not a victim of my upbringing or difficult surroundings. I have the strength to forgive the religious people who've judged or hurt me. I have permission to be honest and express my authentic doubts. I am happy because I am progressing toward a worthy ideal.


It’s okay to doubt. I am not losing my faith (or my mind). I am not going down a slippery slope. I am neither faithless nor destined for hell. My doubting reveals I am more spiritually healthy, not less. I can still follow Jesus, regardless of my doubts.


I am totally fine with the Bible being imperfect and fuzzy. It makes sense that some parts are more parable than history.


I don’t have to leave my church. I will be just fine when people disagree with me. I can still be friends with believers, despite my doubts. It’s okay if my church isn’t at my stage of faith. In fact, it’s almost impossible for any church to be there


I am at peace, even if I don’t have all the answers. My questions are not total nonsense. I deserve to be listened to and taken seriously. There are satisfying answers out there, even if they don’t make things crystal clear. I am not the first person to question these things. It’s alright that I don’t have all the answers to the questions I hear from those around me.

What's included?

✔ 7 Modules, 19 video classes ($204)

✔ Practical Tools: Each class includes tools or tasks to make the session relevant and transformational.

✔ Bonus #1: Video class on Hell and the Devil ($39)

✔ Bonus #2: Detailed notes for all 19 classes ($49)

✔ Money Back Guarantee. If you don't love this course, just ask for a 100% refund within 90 days.

✔ Secure Data & Login. Your info is fully secure.

✔ Community with other members

✔ Lifetime Access to your products.

Flexible Payment via Credit Card or PayPal.

Total Value: $292

Bonus #1: Class on Hell and the Devil

Our first wave of students will also receive the following Bonus class on hell and the devil. Topics include:

• Is Purgatory a thing in the Bible?

• Are we born with everlasting souls?

• Why are there 3 different Greek words for the English word "hell"?

• How long does hell last?

• What does hell have to do with justice? Can there be justice if there is no hell?

• Wait, if Hades is the word for hell, then isn't it also the name of a Greek god?

• What does the Old Testament say about hell?

• Who is Satan? Who is "the" Satan? Is Satan a name?

• Who's the Devil? Is every everywhere all at once?

• Is our modern view of hell closer to Jesus' description or more like Dante's Inferno?

• What is eternity in the Bible? Does it mean forever?

• Can people repent after death?

• What's the sequence of events that take place after death?

Bonus #2: Detailed Notes for all 19 Classes

We understand the difficulty of taking notes for such extensive courses.

That's why we are providing you access to our "Road Trip Notes" PDF document, which captures all the visuals and points within the course. You can then augment these notes with your own personal comments.

My Mission

I help people discover an authentic, healthy approach to faith & Bible deconstruction; an approach that produces inner peace without sacrificing your faith, your relationships, and your intellectual integrity.

The Reviews Are In...

Here's what our members are saying...

Melissa Suarez

"I really enjoyed this course on faith deconstruction. The material was well-organized and made sense. I especially appreciated the tools for "bringing it home" and making it practical for my life. Like they said, it didn't just inform me, but transformed me in a lot of ways."

Ryan Jordan

"5 stars!! The course was refreshing, interactive and interesting. I actually learned a ton of practical stuff that I didn't expect from a course on religion and faith. Especially the stuff on the brain."

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